The Eurometropolis' first presidency cycle is drawing to an end.  Each of the Eurometropolis' 3 regions has now presided over the EGTC. The presidency alternates between France and Belgium, and, within Belgium, between Wallonia and West Flanders.

On 22nd June, Martine Aubry, president of Lille Métropole, was elected by the Eurometropolis General Assembly at the Communauté Urbaine, taking over from Rudy Demotte who headed the Eurometropolis from April 2011 to June 2012.

3 vice-presidents will be actively supporting the presidency, carrying on the work they started in 2008:


  • Gilles Pargneaux, Vice-President of Lille Métropole,
  • Stefaan De Clerck, Mayor of Kortrijk,
  • Rudy Demotte, President of Wallonia and of the Wallonia-Brussels-Federation


The outgoing president presented an overview of the concrete progress made by the Eurometropolis since April 2011, also to be found in a bilingual progress report published on the occasion of the General Assembly of 22nd June: “les Avancées de l’Eurométropole” (avril 2011-juin 2012).

As a platform for cooperation, integration and the emergence of joint projects, the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai has already made significant progress in its concrete projects; it can take pride in having managed to get a total of 14 Belgian and French authorities, 5 different levels of power, and civil society, to work together, in particular via the Forum. The President of the latter presented to the Eurometropolis Bureau its new work programme, together with its new composition - of its 80 members, 23 are now women instead of the former 14.

The French presidency has announced its 2012-2013 priorities, while at the same time assuring that the projects already started will continue. In drawing up the strategic programme for 2014-2020, account will also be taken of the directions defined by Europe.



The three top priorities for 2012-2013 are:


1. Employment:

The innovation initiatives supported by the Eurometropolis are expected to help boost employment. Examples are:

CETI (the European Centre for Innovative Textiles), whose new facilities will be inaugurated on 10th October, constitutes a unique centre in Europe for the development of tomorrow's textiles. A delegation of Belgian textile industry leaders will be visiting CETI this Thursday, 28nd June, at 15:30.

The innovation platform Innov’eurometropolis similarly constitutes a valuable tool in the development and expansion of Eurometropolitan innovation. (cf. the progress report « les Avancées de l’Eurométropole – 2011-2012». The Eurometropolis is already involved in the "Lille 3000" initiative, enhancing the Eurometropolitan dimension: The "Fantastic" Design Week which started in Kortrijk on 22nd June was supported by bands from the Eurometropolis, who will provide musical accompaniment throughout the “Fantastic” event; 200 people were there for the opening event, where the focus was on innovation as a lever for developing the Eurometropolis.

The Eurometropolis is providing the necessary coordination, promoting the Eurometropolitan aspect of the labour market. Eurometropolis’ support for the Job Fair will continue in 2012, with the event scheduled for 27th November at Lille Grand Palais.


2. Public transport and mobility

The Eurometropolis intends to produce a Eurometropolitan travel guide.

The work already done successfully since 2009 (cf. the progress report « Avancées de l’Eurométropole ») will be continued, with the goal being to come up with further improvements to the public transport offering, based on the results of the mobility survey currently being conducted;

Cross-border bus services will be introduced (for example the Liane linking Halluin and Tourcoing which passes through the Belgian part of the Eurometropolis)


3. Expansion of culture and tourism

A new tourist website is being developed, with the launch scheduled for October 2012: Visiteurometropolis

A new tourist guide "Things to do in the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai" is expected to appear before summer 2013.

A Eurometropolitan tourist pass is also planned for the first half of 2013.

Kortrijk's Buda Fabric will be inaugurated in September; in the context of Lille 3000, artists will be performing at Kortrijk's interior design exhibition Interieurbiënnale; the Lille 3000 closing ceremony will be held at Flobecq (in Western Hainaut) on 13 January 2013.


Download the Press Kit for the 22nd June 2012 General Assembly. (French version)