A new president for the Eurometropolis

Martine Aubry, president of the Lille Metropolitan Authority and the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, presented the 2010-2011 results of the Eurometropolis...

... At the General Assembly in Tournai on 25 March, before going ahead with the election of the new presidency of the Eurometropolis, as required by its statutes (the president and the three vice-presidents are elected for a one-year term of office). The presidency is held alternatively by a French and a Belgian representative, with the latter alternating between a Dutch-speaking and French-speaking representative.

This saw a new presidency being elected at the General Meeting in Tournai on 25 March, with Rudy Demotte as president and Martine Aubry, Stefaan De Clerck and Gilles Pargneaux as vice-presidents.