On your bike with Wal'Nord

Take a region full of varied landscapes, historic sites and picturesque spots. Add a pinch of tourist exploration, adventure and nature, and sprinkle the whole with an initiative promoting environmentally friendly transport: this is the recipe for Wal'Nord tourisme.

Cycling enthusiast Michaël Daussy created Wal'Nord in April 2015 with a view to organising tourist trips to discover Lille and Tournai on foot, by bike or by tandem bicycle.

The organiser was born and bred in the Eurometropolis: born in Tournai, he married a Frenchwoman, began his career at the tourist office of Lille and then worked at Hôtel Cathédrale in Tournai. "Two complementary cities steeped in history” which he knows like the back of his hand and wishes to show from a different angle. The first feedback is positive: “People appreciate the quirkiness of the tours while they discover less well-known places.”  

Everyone can bring their own transport, but Wal'Nord also provides bikes (4) and tandem bicycles (6) to those who have no means of transport. While 10 to 20% of participants are locals from Lille or Tournai, the majority come from Flanders, the Netherlands or the Paris region. Guided tours are available in French, Dutch and English, and some are even specifically aimed at the visually impaired.

Michaël Daussy hopes to his extend his local sustainable tourism offer to the entire Eurometropolitan region by expanding it to “other regional cities such as Kortrijk, Ieper or Mouscron”. 

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Photo credit : Wal'Nord