Eurometropolis Strategy 2020

In addition to mutual knowledge of the institutional actors or the actors of civil society and of the different realisations, the mobilisation of collective intelligence remains essential, both in order to design the processes and realise joint projects in the field and in order to plan for the future.


The members of the ETCG Eurometropolis Lille-Kortijk-Tournai still focus their joint efforts on the challenges that ensure that their cooperation (will) create additional value, both for the residents of the Eurometropolis and for the local actors: their Strategy (2014-2020) is the result of the maturing process of their cooperation (cf. “5 years of Eurometropolis”) and of their intention to build Europe in the field. The strategy is based on three axes (socio-economic/mobility-accessibility/blue and green Eurometropolis) and intends to offer the partners and actors of the Eurometropolis a genuine frame of reference for a coherent and integrated global cross-border policy. The cross-border information will be developed for the citizen.

The ETCG will develop concrete projects and will rely on the competencies and resources of its members and partners as well as on European co-funding.