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Sam – Eurometropolis, the first social project on Eurometropolis territory

The SAM (Solidarity-Activation-Mobility) Eurometropolis project brings together the community social centres (the CPAS) of Mouscron, Tournai, Kortrijk and Menin in Belgium, and the French twin organisations (the CCAS) from Lille, Roubaix and Tourcoing. Launched in 2011, the project is set to run for three years.


"Social action remains a field where the effect of the border continues to be strong. Those working in the social field on both sides of the border have little idea of what is being done on the other side", said Pieter Lietaer, SAM-E project coordinator.
"Joint cross-border initiatives on a local scale are rare, and the target groups receive no great encouragement to transgress national borders.”


Funded by the France-Wallonia-Flanders INTERREG IV programme, the idea behind SAM-E is to come up with answers to this problem. SAM-E is a concrete example of cross-border cooperation in the field of promoting equal opportunities.
The project encourages exchanges between social services on both sides of the border.

Thanks to SAM, recipients of minimum social benefits can gain professional experience on the other side of the border, with this cross-border experience helping them to find their way back into the labour market.

SAM also fosters know-how transfer between the social services on both sides of the French-Belgian border and contributes to finding out more about social needs in the Eurometropolis, with the ultimate aim of improving the everyday life of citizens within the Eurometropolis - with a special focus on those most vulnerable.


The project is also a building block in the construction of a truly social Europe. More...(in French)


For more information, download the brochure: Sam-E, PROJET TRANSFRONTALIER D’ACTION SOCIALE 2011-2014 (in French and Dutch)