ProtoPITCH: an award-winning musical innovation

During the third edition of ProtoPITCH, the competition for innovative projects in the creative industries, the first prize was awarded on 18 November in Mons to the HandSketch project, developed by Niclas d’Allessandro. 

This is a musical instrument designed to be played without any musical skills being required. It makes use of several technological supports: smartphones and tablets. View the video.

Stef Vande Meulebroucke, director-general of the Agency of the Eurometropolis, presented the prizes to the winners. 

ProtoPITCH makes it possible to map the creative potential in the Eurometropolis and to boost innovative projects of different natures: video games and serious gaming, audiovisuals and transmedia, technological creativity. Take a look a the projects of the 8 finalists at


ProtoPITCH is an initiative organised by different actors (training and research centres, investment funds) of Wallonia, Flanders and Nord-Pas de Calais, with the support of TANDEM (Interreg IVA project promoting the cross-border cooperation between Nord-Pas de Calais and Flanders in the field of innovation), Creative Wallonie and Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI).