MyMachine: young designers & creators, tomorrow's entrepreneurs

MyMachine, an originally Flemish concept, has now also been launched in the French subregion of the Eurometropolis. 

17 pupils of the Descartes school of Tourcoing designed the machine of their dreams, and a top 3 has been selected, including a machine that can read the thoughts of disabled children and a machine to clean the schoolyard. The students of the ENSAM (Ecole Nationale des Arts et metiers) of Lille will develop a “proof of concept” for the machine that will be eventually built by the students of the lycee Colbert at Tourcoing. The Rectorate of the Académie de Lille co-ordinates the project in the French subregion. 

The MyMachine concept was conceived by “Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen” (West Flanders Regional Fund), Howest (technical university college) and the intermunicipal association Leiedal. The main purpose of the project is to develop entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in children. All levels of the educational system are involved in the project:  primary school pupils invent a dream machine (IDEA), which is then conceptualised by students of technical university colleges (in the fields of engineering/product design/gaming: CONCEPT) and finally built by technical education students (MACHINE). 


In the first phase, each subregion will conduct a MyMachine experiment in order to gain a good understanding of the concept. During a second phase, the project will be realised on a triangular scale. In the third phase, pupils and students from all over the Eurometropolis should work together. The purpose is to evolve towards real MyMachine partnerships, involving one school from each subregion.