Loïc Delhuvenne, new Director of the Eurometropolis Agency

On 22 April 2016, the elected representatives of the Eurometropolis designated the new Director** of operational services of the EGTC* during the meeting of the Bureau:  Loïc Delhuvenne, expert in European structural funds, European territorial cooperation and international cooperation.  

This dedicated European fervently wants to contribute to the creation of a Europe of citizens:  these are not empty words, but a true ambition, for which he will employ his diplomatic, pedagogical and creative skills.  Creating Europe with a bottom-up approach means displaying openness towards citizens and local actors with the purpose of cooperating in the field with political representatives and thus meeting the needs of the local residents.  

Loïc Delhuvenne is an avid fan of American literature, in particular the authors of the “Beat generation”,  and organises rock events.  His sociological, philosophical and realistic approach to life and his own actions makes him a pragmatic person, who regularly submits new proposals.  He has experience in the field of dialogue with private and public actors and an excellent knowledge of the characteristics and challenges of the regions and European financial means, proving his ability to implement actions, to raise funds and to mobilise the actors in favour of the citizens.  

These essential qualities will enable him to take up the challenge to strengthen the experimental pilot region and to contribute to the creation of the Eurometropolis, version 2.0. 

On 2 May, Loïc Delhuvenne joined the team of the cross-border agency in Kortrijk, where he will start this Eurometropolitan renewal process,  which will be based on the decisions of the Bureau and on the detailed project that the new Director will soon submit to the new Presidency, taking into account the ongoing evaluation activities. 


* European Grouping of territorial cooperation


** Loïc Delhuvenne, director of operational services of the Eurometropolis, succeeds Stef Vande Meulebroucke, who held the position from 2010 to 2015.