Mobilisation of the private sector for the Eurometropolis

[Translate to Anglais:] Philippe Hourdain et Rudy Demotte pendant l'assemblée de l'Eurométropole du 4 juillet 2014

The need to COOPERATE is currently regarded as an essential requirement for strengthening the European position of the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai. With a view to challenging the political world, the presidents of the chambers of commerce of the region, united in EURO 3, presented concrete topics they intend to improve through cooperation, both between the private and the public sector and at cross-border level.


At the end of June, Philippe Hourdain, president of the chambre de commerce et d’industrie Grand Lille, Guy Piette, regional president for Northern France at Voka West-Vlaanderen, Paul Bertrand, president of the chambre de commerce et d'industrie de la Wallonie picarde and Jos Helewaut, president of the Chambre de Commerce franco-belge met symbolically behind the old border post of Rekkem to again stress their priorities for the economic project EURO3 and their intention to cooperate with the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, as both organisations mainly work on the same themes.


EURO3 focuses on:

  • the roaming costs charged by mobile telephone operators. As mentioned in a recently published article, European Parliament has adopted the proposal for a regulation concerning the abolition of roaming costs in Europe.
    An opportunity which the economic leaders of the Eurometropolitan region intend to seize.
  • Improvement of the cross-border postal delivery times;
  • the recognition of diplomas and apprenticeships, in particular for technical degrees. A theme dealt with in cooperation with the Forum of the Eurometropolis.
  • cross-border work placements (cf. Interreg IV KESS programme)
  • the creation of an investment fund in order to promote the creative sectors
  • mobility through public transport (timetables, bus services, etc.)
  • the creation of business parks throughout the Eurometropolitan region
Set up in 1991, EURO 3 is an association of the Chambers of Commerce of Grand Lille, West Flanders and Wallonie Picarde and the Chambre de Commerce franco-belge. Next to the EGTC Eurometropolis Lille – Kortrijk – Tournai, EURO 3 positions itself as a pragmatic organisation the purpose of which is to provide concrete services to enterprises and to acquire a thorough knowledge of the economic fabric.