Tourist destination: eurometropolitans canals

Summer is here along the canals and nature is full of surprises ... Ideal for sharing relaxing moments with family and friends!

Picnics, fishing, walks admiring the yachts ... To relax by the water, Eurométropolitans have several kilometers of shoreline welcoming both sides of the border. The urban Marque, long more than 7,5 km, connecting the Deûle at Marquette-lez-Lille at the sluice of Trieste in Wasquehal. Then, the Roubaix canal continues until the Belgian border about 12 km. Then, the Espierre canal runs through the 8403 last meters to the confluence with the River Scheldt ...

Ride the Roubaix's Canal to Espierre's Canal


There are ten kilometers from the center of Roubaix, in France, to the city of Spiere-Helkijn (Espierre-Helchin) in Belgium. For cyclists, hikers and runners, the towpath is flat. Cities succeed: Leers-Nord, Estaimpuis, Saint Léger, then Espierre At Leers-Nord, a halt is imposed at  the Maison du Canal !  Animations are available every Sunday ... The most brave can continue on the banks of the Scheldt to reach Tournai and discover a few gems listed as a UNESCO heritage.

Each sunday, the newspaper Nord Eclair presents a cycling route along the canals of Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.