Cross the border: apply for a job abroad!

Sign up for the first international Job Fair organised by the Pôle Emploi international (PEIT) of Lille on 4 December at La Madeleine. This event will be the ideal opportunity to meet employers from all over the world, to attend conferences and to participate in workshops in order to learn everything about professional life and mobility in the cross-border region and beyond. 

I want to know more about international mobility

On 4 December several conferences will organised, providing information on employment conditions abroad:  the VIE, PVT and mobility programmes will have no more secrets for you. Do not forget to sign up for the conferences in advance.  

I want to apply abroad

This is really simple:  I register by sending my curriculum vitae (as well as a Skype user name, which may be useful for interviews with companies on the other side of the world) to peit.59400(at)pole-emploi(dot)fr. Employers from all over the world (Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, France…) will interview the preselected applicants on the sidelines of the conferences. 


Where is it happening? 

Immeuble le Crystal, 38 allée Vauban - 59110 La Madeleine