You missed the climate conference at the Negundo Cube of Tournai this friday? No worries! (Re)Discover the best moments from the event and the interviews from speakers, experts and politicians during the Facebook Live by clicking...


Damien Castelain, President of the Métropole Européenne de Lille, Rudy Demotte, Mayor of Tournai and Martine Aubry, Mayor of Lille, are the three Vice-Presidents.


Interview with Jean-Christophe Minot, managing director of Lille-Lesquin Airport. The Agency of the Eurometropolis wanted to find out who this Eurometropolitan in heart and soul is. A polyglot and an "anticipator", he promotes...


Three times a year, the Agency of the Eurometropolis and its partners allow you discover good practices and innovative examples in the field of renewable energy. After the visit in March to the company Pocheco, which advocates...


« It is kind of a weird region that you live in : you guys live 20 km away from each other and yet you seem to have no idea of what is happening on the other side of the border. » Those are the words heard during a conversation...


If you frequently travel using the line between Lille Flandres and Antwerp, be advised that works are planned from 7 Juli to 25 August. More information is available on the SNCF website (FR)

The Eco-Vignette Crit’Air will soon be obligatory for all French and foreign vehicles in Lille and the communes of the metropolis. To avoid a fine, you can order a vignette HERE.Click here for more information