For many investors willing to set a foot in Europe, Europe offers many attractive "places to be".


Brussels is the obvious first choice. Europe’s capital, Brussels indeed offers immediate access to everything that matters in Europe, from institutions to lobbies, all nested in an incredible quality of life environment.


Paris might be worth considering, with its glamour, its worldwide influence. You might already be thinking, "That’s it, easy choice. Done. Paris".


London would be a reasonable place to start. The world's most important financial market, London is also the world's most international city, with the greatest mix of cultures that you can find.


As a professional investor, you know choosing often means having to trade off.


Is there a place in Europe that’s an hour's train from each of these capitals? A place in the middle of… everywhere? A place where businesses thrive on outstanding research & development capabilities? A place that’s totally connected, virtually & physically? A place where life is easy yet affordable?


Only one region in Europe offers this ideal combination of convenience, efficiency & quality of life. The bi‐national, tri‐cultural, Lille‐Kortrijk‐Tournai Eurometropolis, spanning 3500km2 and home to 2 million true Europeans. A labor force of 900.000 skilled people serving a catchment area of 80 million consumers within 300 km. An hour and a half away from an intermodal logistic hub including airways, waterways, railways and highways.


We would be happy to welcome your business in the Eurometropolis.

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