Working in the Eurometropolis 

Every day we find lots of people crossing the frontier to go to work or to look for a job. Nevertheless, certain problems persist - the recognition of academic qualifications, wage harmonisation, etc.


The Eurometropolis is working on various ways of improving this situation, with measures based on the analysis and recommendations found in the report of the Franco-Belgian parliamentary working group.


Various organisations are now available to help job-seekers find work on either side of the French-Belgian border.

Here are just a few of them:


  • The Job Fair: Each year the Eurometropolis holds a job fair, enabling job-seekers and recruiters to come together and find out about career opportunities in the Lille - Kortrijk - Tournai regions.

  • Kess: The Kess project matches companies and students offering / looking for a work placement. The website gives students the opportunity of enhancing their CVs, helping them to find a work placement in another country.

  • EuresChannel: EuresChannel has been developed to make transnational career mobility easier in the French-Belgian-English border region. It provides information for both companies and workers faced with taking a decision in this area.