By car

A dense motorway network links the metropolis' main towns. Moreover, customs posts, which are still in existence at some border crossing points between France and Belgium, are now simply a reminder of the past. Lillle is now 25 minutes from Courtrai and half an hour from Tournaii.

Car parks in Lille

For greater ease, the recommendation is to park on the outskirts of town and take the metro or Citadine shuttle. Six metro link car parks are open continuously every day of the week.  Citadine shuttle car parks, costing €1.60 for three hours or €3 per day, allow you to take the free Citadine shuttle which serves the town centre and other neighbourhoods.



Metro link car park

  • Porte d’Arras, Porte des Postes and CHR B Calmette metro in Lille
  • Saint-Philibert metro in Lomme
  • Les Près and 4 Cantons metro in Villeneuve-d’Ascq


Citadine shuttle car park

  • Champs de Mars (next to the citadel)
  • Porte de Valenciennes metro.


Car parks in Courtrai

  • Paying car park in Broel (2,50€/day)
  • Several paying car parks in the town centre.
  • Park & Ride area with 500 spaces close to Kinepolis, Kortrijk Xpo and the motorway exit. Buses connecting the town centre and the car park are free for Park & Ride users.


Car parks in Tournai

  • Free parking on Esplanade de l’Europe
  • Several paying car parks in the town centre




Visuel : graphique « distances entre les villes » (sur la carte touristique)
Lien Carte du territoire.
Visuel : carte de Lille avec l’emplacement des parkings
Visuel : carte de Courtrai avec l’emplacement des parkings
Visuel : carte de Tournai avec l’emplacement des parkings