The improvement of rail links

The Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis and rail transport bodies, the SNCF in France and the SNCB in Belgium, are responsible for the development and extension of rail links throughout the Eurometropolis. The priority objective is to equip the territory with an adapted public transport network in order to facilitate travel for its inhabitants, and also to ensure the international accessibility of the metropolis.
With this perspective in mind, the Eurometropolis wishes to harmonise the networks between the towns of Lille, Courtrai and Tournai, in order to intensify cross-border relations. In parallel, the Eurometropolis monitors the quality of the link between the stations of Lille-Europe and Bruxelles-Midi, essential for linking the Eurometropolis to the rest of Europe. At the centre of this network, the Lille-Europe station guarantees the territory's international accessibility.

The Tournai-Mouscron-Courtrai link


Thanks to an agreement between the Eurometropolis, the SNCF and the  SNCB, the link between Brussels and Tournai has now been extended to Courtrai, via Mouscron. Every hour, a train leaves Courtrai for Tournai and vice-versa. Moreover, the price of tickets has decreased by 20% for journeys between Courtrai and Lille and between Mouscron and Lille. This decrease in price is stimulating cross-border traffic and allows for better harmonisation with national prices.

The members of the "mobility and accessibility" working group continue to meet regularly in order tofind other concrete solutions to decrease journey durations, adapt prices and facilitate interconnections between stations and different modes of transport. These initiatives allow us to face up to a phenomenon experienced by all large European towns: traffic saturation during rush hours.