Eurometropolitan consultation platform on urban planning

The Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai and its 14 partners have created the consultation platform on urban planning in order to ensure that all competent authorities are informed of the planning documents under development or revision.
As regards the supralocal planning documents and those of the neighbouring municipalities, the platform guarantees coherence between the planning instruments and the projects of the different subregions of the Eurometropolis.
Another purpose of the platform is to stimulate the development of joint strategies in the long term.



At the end of April 2012, each partner designated a supervising technician, thus creating a permanent and competent network driven by the agency of the Eurometropolis. This network facilitates the distribution of information on the documents exchanged and enables the actors concerned to better prepare for the consultations organised by the authorities.


An additional purpose of the network is to influence the planning activities by means of recommendations developed in a Eurometropolitan context in order to guarantee continued accessibility and economic development, as well as the sustainability of the blue and green network of the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.