In addition to INNOV’EUROMETROPOLIS, the innovation platform, the economic partners responsible for attracting foreign investors have decided to work together in order to promote the Eurometropolis. We have to create a profile for ourselves as an attractive region by joining the forces of the partners and by communicating with one voice only, that of the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.




A web-based platform to support investment in the Eurometropolis

The trilingual web portal INVESTINEUROMETROPOLIS (Interreg IV) highlights the assets of the Eurometropolitan region for potential investors.  This tool for the promotion of the economic appeal of the region makes it possible to explore the opportunities (research and innovation centres, services, geographic location, available land) offered by the Eurometropolis and to establish contacts with the local actors who will assist the investors.

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With 80 million consumers within a 300 km radius, 7 ports and 3 airports, the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai has some major assets that contribute to the influence and attractiveness of the region. Although the cross-border region concerned has 2.1 million inhabitants and features many assets, it does not yet enjoy enough international visibility, unlike other metropolises of a similar size.


The purpose of this Interreg IV project is to remedy this lack of visibility by working during a period of 4 years to coordinate and organise international promotional actions on the territory of the Eurometropolis. Currently, such actions are all too often organised independently by each of the partners. The purpose of the partnership is to increase awareness and enhance the economic attractiveness of the cross-border region. This will be done through the development of common means of communication, such as the production of brochures and maps, as well as a strong joint presence at several specialised sector-based fairs of international importance.




Some fundamental figures ...

- Enviable multimodal transport possibilities with more than 10 motorways, 2 HST stations and 3 international airports,

-7 sea ports at less than 90 minutes, and the Seine-Scheldt connection that will enable large-size barges to travel between Antwerp and Paris in the near future,

- 1500 billion euros of potential purchasing power within a 300 km radius,

- 80 million consumers within a 300 km radius,

- A highly qualified active population of 900,000 persons, a certain dynamism in the field of e-learning, for instance, with the foundation in 2011 of the Eurometropolitan e-campus at Tournai or the Imaginarium at Tourcoing, a place where researchers, students, artists etc. can meet to discuss professions in the world of imaging.