Innovation : 

Four clusters

The Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis' objective is to develop four clusters in the following areas: 


Textile-innovative materials- design


ITC - Image

Clusters are cross-border innovation centres. They aim to strengthen relationships between the different players within each area of the Eurometropolis. French and Belgian competitivity centres, referred to as skill pools, are thus directly concerned by this project. The end objective is to allow them to establish themselves in the international arena.

Innovation meetings

Each year, the Eurometropolis organises a day of meetings between  innovation players located either side of the border: representatives from the skills pools, competitivity clusters, research centres  , local authorities, businesses, etc.
This event aims to develop research programmes between enterprises and laboratories from the two countries. It is thus a question of informing, sharing knowledge and forging cross-border partnerships. With this perspective in mind, conferences, debates and workshops are organised throughout the day.