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Digital Eurometropolis

The first European cross-border digital ecosystem network, DIGITAL EUROMETROPOLIS supports, advises and trains future start-ups, and introduces them to the French and Belgian markets, enabling them to address their challenges and meet the needs in the field. 

It also supports investors who wish to associate themselves with the major corporate names already present in the region.This Franco-Belgian network was created in September 2018 on the initiative of the Eurometropolis and in cooperation with EuraTechnologies (Lille), Hangar K (Kortrijk) and Quartier numérique de Wallonie picarde (Tournai). 

Other digital stakeholders have been mobilised within the network as well.

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The cross-border network facilitates common access to the complementary services of the region’s three ecosystems:

  • The sharing of information, in particular on the respective markets, and network capacity to promote the entry of companies into the French and Belgian markets as well as the international market, especially through participation in international trade fairs.

  • Training, assistance, coaching and specific training courses: incubation, acceleration, fund raising, specific training courses with Stanford University, prototyping, …

  • Networking between ecosystem stakeholders aimed at the reinforcement and expansion of interpersonal networks. Since 2017, the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai has been working on the development of digital competencies and digital players both on a regional and on an international level.

It coordinates the implementation of these three complementary actions by hosting the DIGITAL EUROMETROPOLIS network:

  • 1. Organising and facilitating an annual forum linked to smart cities in the smart region
    > See the contents of the 2017 and 2018 editions <

  • 2. Mapping of digital players and their competencies within the Eurometropolis (underway in 2018)

  • 3. The organisation of an ecosystem of open data useful to the Eurometropolitan partners and local public or private stakeholders, including project managers who need to test their products against real data (underway in 2018)


Other activites

The Eurometropolis is also dedicated to two other topics: employment and training: the learning of French and Dutch, cross-border dual education (school-based learning combined with workplace learning on the other side of the border); establishing sustainable development by developing fluid and sustainable cross-border mobility (with a focus on air quality), the management and coordination of the “Blue Park” as well as the promotion of alternative energy.

The cross-border Agency develops bonds and builds bridges

The Eurometropolis calls upon its Agency consisting of eight members to promote discussions between the actors before any action is undertaken. The Agency provides guidance in order to ensure that the partners succeed in the planned actions via Working Groups led by elected representatives and representatives of civil society. 


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