Tourist Tips in the Wallonie Picarde

City Pass Tournai


The tourist office of Tournai proposes a pass enabling you to discover the city at a very affordable price (between €4 and €10).  There are three different versions of the pass, each of which offering a variety of possibilities.  


There are three different versions of the City Pass Tournai :


The City Pass - 4€


- 1 admission to the 2 films (« Le Couloir du Temps » & « De la Pierre au Ciel »)

- 1 admission to the belfry


The City Pass - 5€


- One film of your choice (« Le couloir du temps » or « De la pierre au Ciel »)

- One admission to the belfry

- One admission to a museum of your choice ( 


The City Pass - 10€


- One film of your choice (« Le couloir du temps » or « De la pierre au Ciel »).

- One admission to the belfry.

- Free admission to three museums of your choice

- A souvenir

- Information about the films 

- They are 3-D films. 

- They are projected every 30 minutes upon request.   

- Reservation is recommended for groups. 

- Every film is approx. 20 minutes long. 


Point of sale


The City Pass Tournai is exclusively sold at the tourist office of Tournai. 


The ArchéoPass


ArchéoPass is a network of archaeological sites and museums in Wallonia.  The network’s aim is to make archaeology more popular with the general public by offering high-quality service and entertainment. 


The pass offers the following benefits: 


With the ArchéoPass you receive discounts (20% minimally) on the admission price of each museum that is a member of the network


There are 2 members in the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis:  

AUBECHIES (Beloeil) – archaeological site of Aubechies-Beloeil

ATH – Gallo-Roman museum


How to benefit from this pass?


The ArchéoPass is offered upon purchase of a ticket at the full rate with one of the members of the network. 


Point of sale:


The ArchéoPass is available with all members of the network.


Good to know :

Museums are free on the first Sunday of each month..