The West Flanders Intermunicipal Association, is active in West Flanders, the coastal province of Belgium. We support socio-economic and spatial development in 54 municipalities and cities.
We develop carbon neutral business parks, technology parks, logistic parks, industrial zones and redevelop old industrial sites. We develop social housing projects and sustainable city quarters.


Contact : 
Geert Sanders
T +32 (0)50 36 71 71
F +32 (0)50 35 68 49
@: wvi(at)wvi(dot)be



The Intercommunal association IEG is composed of the towns of Mouscron and Comines-Warneton, belonging to the district of Mouscron, as well as the commune of Estaimpuis in the district of Tournai.
The advantageous geographical situation defining its territory can be seen as a strong asset. By the way, this area is considered as a genuine pole of crossborder development to be found at the crossing of the latine and german cultures and within a euroregion in full expansion that is assembling Western Flanders, Western Hainault and the French Metropolis of Lille.
The Intercommunal association IEG was created in 1986, and expanded as a succesful economic agency : since then, it has been an essential partner regarding the achievement of any company investment projects. Anyhow it contributes to setting up an enjoyable life and work environment. Therefore the IEG-area is shaping an attractive image in the heart of Europe !


Contact :
Patrick BINTEIN - Deputy General Manager, head of Economic stimulation department
Telephone : +32 56 85 24 14
Fax : +32 56 56 13 49
@ : patrick.bintein(at)ieg(dot)be


CCI Grand Lille makes available its various services to help to create and develop companies on its territory. 

Contact : 
Tel : +33 (0)3 20 63 77 77 
@ : contact(at)grand-lille.cci(dot)fr 
CCI Grand Lille - Place du Théâtre - BP 359 


Lille’s Agency aims at developing Lille metropolis attractiveness and at assisting entrepreneurs to translate global strategic growth plan into high yield location projects with strong partnership leverage.

Lille’s agency is financed by the Lille metropole urban community and the Lille chamber of commerce and industry.



Contact :

Cédric AUMAITRE - Project Manager 
Tel: +33 (0)3 59 56 25 00 
@: c.aumaitre(at)apim(dot)com




The West Flanders Development Agency (POM West Flanders) aims to strengthen the sustainable economy of West Flanders with a particular emphasis on innovative businesses. The POM operates on behalf of the Province of West Flanders and facilitates collaboration between businesses and their representative bodies, knowledge institutions, regional policy-making bodies and social partners. POM is a transparent and independent agency and initiates, supports and coordinates three unique economic clusters in West-Flanders: off-shore, renewable energy, agri-food and new and intelligent materials & plastics/industrial design.


Contact :

Stefaan Matton - Managing Director of the West Flanders Development Agency
Tel: +32 (0)50 - 40 73 72
Fax: +32 (0)50 - 71 94 06
@: stefaan.matton(at)west-vlaanderen(dot)be



Lille’s Solutions [Technical Solutions] A new lease of life for the economy

Lille is brimming with strength and vigour again. With one hundred million neighbours, Paris, Brussels and London accessible within less than two hours, Lille, as a European city, is inventing for itself an international path.
All five high-performance centres in the city offer combinations of synergies and talents which call for creativity and success. Euralille is a centre offering a great variety of services; Euratechnologies is dedicated to new technologies; Eurasanté is focused on biology, health and nutrition; “La Haute Borne” is specialised in high technologies and the “Union” develops innovative textiles and hosts image professions. These are all venues bringing together industry stakeholders and promoting innovation. They are opened to those who support projects looking out to the future. You belong there.
A multifaceted city, Lille’s is the symbol of all converging opportunities.


Contact :

Lionel SIMEON - International Economic Cooperation Manager
Lille Métropole - 1 rue du Ballon – BP 749 - 59034 LILLE cedex
Tel : 0800 711 721 (appel gratuit depuis un poste fixe)
@ : serveco(at)lillemetropole(dot)fr



Intermunicipal organization Leiedal came into being in 1960 on the initiative of the municipalities of the Kortrijk region (Flanders, Belgium). In the past five decades, Leiedal developed into a multifaceted intermunicipal cooperation that supports the broad socioeconomic and spatial development of the region. Locally driven development forms the key factor. The principal activity of Leiedal is the development of business parks.


Contact :

Stijn Vannieuwenborg
Tel +32 (0)56 24 16 16 
Fax +32 (0)56 22 89 03
@: stijn.vannieuwenborg(at)leiedal(dot)be



Through its six lines, the Inter-Communal Development Agency IDETA constitutes the inescapable partner of the communes and the companies involved in the development of Picardy Wallonia. The IDETA Agency designs, implements and markets plots of land, buildings and offices adapted to the needs of SMEs, on a territory enjoying an ideal location in direct communication with the Brussels and Lille metropolises.

Thanks to some targeted and personalized guidance services, our teams put all the conditions in place for the proper deployment of your business projects. In parallel, our people work every day, in conjunction with technical teams and elected communal officials, on the development of urban and rural areas. Objective: improvement of the life environment, of the commercial and touristic appeal and the development of general interest services aimed at the population.



Contact :
Pierre Vandewattyne - CEO
Tel :+32 (0)69 23 47 01
Fax :+32 (0)69 23 47 00
@: charles(at)ideta(dot)be